● Is General Santos City, Safe?

General Santos City, Philippines – You now decide, you’re coming to General Santos City; ‘Gensan,’ as most refer to it.  You and your, “Pearl of the Pacific’,  are taking the next step beyond having a web-cam only, relationship.

It is now you begin to ask, “Is Mindanao and  General Santos City, safe?”

You’re torn between wanting your sweetie in your arms and your concern about State Department warnings of staying away from Mindanao. This, according to the State Departments, is due to attacks on citizens of your country while visiting or living in Mindanao.  Maybe you haven’t heard of these warnings.  Now you have.

State Departments don’t get a lot of attention if they hand out good news.  We all know, people strive for attention; hence, the bad news.  Most likely you’ll read about an attack on a foreign citizen, one chronicling some tragic event of a  few years ago, as their excuse to keep you away from this part of the world.

May this writer, a U.S. citizen and a resident of General Santos City, submit to you, if your life is in jeopardy by coming here, how much more is your life  in jeopardy when you are  in any of the major cities in your country?  Is it not true, the murder rate in most large U.S cities, per capita, far exceeds that which current statistics indicate for Mindanao?

Dead is dead.  If you were to die here, because you’re a foreigner, or you were to die in Detroit, because someone hard to spot in the night wanted your cash, it is the same. Take your choice.

As laughable as it may seem, the Philippine government holds true, the money sent home by Filipino overseas foreign workers is part of its “Gross Domestic Product”.  These type of illusions carry to the province as well, when one reads, ‘Gensan is a tourist destination’.

In both cases, the illusion is, most likely, brought on by self-delusion.  If the truth be known, you,  coming to see your lady, qualifies you as a member of the largest tourist group to come to this city.  From this, we might assume, the beauty of Filipina women stands heads above the beauty of Gensan?

Don’t worry about your safety in Gensan.  Try not looking  like a target.  Exercise caution as you would in any large city.

Unfortunately, some visitors to the Philippines come for reasons that are illegal in this country as well as illegal in their own country.

If you have intentions of coming to Gensan to engage in illegal sexual activity with children, forget it.  Furthermore, you can and will be prosecuted if caught.  In many cases, in your own country, traveling abroad with the intent of engaging in these illegal activities will land you in prison when you get back home.  Pedophile, be warned, after coming here, your next destination may be prison.  To save our children and keep you out of prison, U.S. citizens, click here to read the law.

To all who decide to travel to Gensan for honorable purposes, enjoy your stay.


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Author: George D. Mertz
Gensan Relief and Community Exchange, Inc.
General Santos City, Philippines

Posted:  01/20/2010

Posted in Grace - News, Information, and Point of View on 01/20/2010 12:04 am